Industry and academia throughout the world are suffering from a severe shortage of skilled personnel able to bridge the gap between the dynamic environments in IT and research/science. The MHPC aims to create a group of experts who have the hands-on training and skills needed to fill this gap, by providing students with a solid background in scientific computing approaches, algorithms, and modeling. MHPC degree provides the access to instant career opportunities on an international scale.

Industry Involvement

The program features a strict connection with industry, both local and worldwide. The MHPC aims to fulfill the demand for professional experience in a production environment.

HPC vendors, IDVs and local companies are involved in the financing of fellowships and in providing industry-based HPC problems for final thesis.

Some of the Master’s lectures come from the industrial world to teach the latest applications of HPC technologies. This is also an excellent opportunity for students to get in touch with companies involved in HPC sectors and to explore potential career paths.

Career Perspectives

MHPC provides skills useful both in the academic and in the industrial field, like technical and software development. The master fulfills the need of highly trained professional in HPC field. The strong connection with industry and highly reputed academic environment provide to an MHPC graduated a unique chances to find the right place in the high technology market or academic scene.